6KW UL Junction Box
 6KW UL Junction Box
6KW UL Junction Box

6KW UL Junction Box

Power: 4KW

Output Channels/Current: 4x15A

Single Output Power: ≤2.4KW

Input Voltage: Single-phase 120VAC

Output Voltage: Single-phase 120VAC

Output Frequency: 60Hz

Control Mode: None

Input Socket: Neutrik 20A

Output Socket: Neutrik 15A

Box Dimension: 270X80X60 mm

Product Details

Rental-series power distribution box is designed with hand-held portable series and castor movable series, which are convenient for moving and transportation. The input and output are connected by aviation head, which can realize fast connection of electricity and is suitable for various rental occasions. It is small in size, light in weight and easy to install and maintain. Features of multi-channel output, strong compatibility, high flexibility and high integration: neat layout of components, proper routing, easy to use and maintain; high reliability: closed cabinets, to avoid direct contact with human body, effectively isolate foreign objects, with short circuit, over current, over voltage, overload, and other protection characteristics.

6KW 4路 分线盒 美标

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