How to maintain the flight case?



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As we all know, the flight case as a new type of packaging products, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will also make its life shorter, the part damaged and make some trouble during use it! So how to maintain cases and make it durable?

Maintenance skills

1, Often use soft cloth to dust the cases. If it's seriously dirty, you can try to wipe gently with rubber.

2. When wooden case is used in a dry environment, the board will be deformed, and manual humidification is needed, like use a humidifier.

3, Try to avoid corrosive liquid contact with the surface of road case.

4, Avoid rigid and sharp edges objects close to the case, especially the case with visual window.

5. To clean hardware parts regularly and lubricating the active parts, wipe with a dry cloth after use. if it is oxidation,you can wipe with flour or toothpaste.

How to maintain the flight case?

Maintenance of other materials

For the cleaning of canvas, nylon, EVA and other materials, wet cloth or viscose roller brush can be used to clean the dust on the surface. When removing more serious stains, you can use a wet cloth or a soft brush dipped in a neutral cleaner. The objects stored for a long time should be kept in a dry state to prevent mildew and odor.

If you use a wet cloth to clean the case , you should not close the cover until it is air-dried. Do not use the case as a locker. the case will be easy to broken and twisted.

How to maintain the flight case?

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